Aijun “David” Yang

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow, 2023-24

  • Home country: China
  • Specialization: Farmer Cooperative Development; Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development, Project management, Facilitation, and Stakeholder Management
  • Current role: General Manager, Cooperative Consultancy; Board Director, Action for Home
  • Education: Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines, Master’s in Development Management
  • Connectay396 [at] (Email) | LinkedIn | Facebook
  • Pronouns: He/His

Aijun Yang, hailing from a small village in Northern China, possesses a deep passion for agriculture and nature, which has profoundly influenced his career trajectory. With over ten years of experience in agriculture and rural development across various international settings, he has established himself as a dedicated development professional. Aijun is a co-founder and general manager of Cooperative Consultancy, a social enterprise based in Western China. The organization's primary focus is to support farmer cooperatives and promote sustainable rural development in the region. China's rapid urbanization and the decline of rural areas present complex challenges, including the polarization of urban and rural communities, climate change, and issues related to aging farmers. Aijun's firm belief is that organized and empowered farmers can elevate their social status and effectively address these pressing challenges.

Certified as a project manager, Aijun Yang has honed his skills through various trainings in areas such as Market System (M4P), business analytics, facilitation, and effective leadership. His wide-ranging interests include traveling, reading, and sports, which have taken him across China and to over ten countries. Through his work and experiences, Aijun remains deeply committed to making a positive impact in the field of agriculture and rural development, aiming to create sustainable solutions that address the unique needs and challenges faced by rural communities in China and beyond.