Communicating research to the broader community

Our extension program applies the results of research to alleviate insect problems in New York state, across the U.S. and around the world. This effort reflects the ever-changing needs of the state’s agriculture industry, recreational resources and urban dwellers. A primary reason for a department devoted to the multifaceted study of insects and related arthropods is to bring our collective expertise to bear on important insect-related issues of society.

Naturalist outreach & public education

The Cornell University Insect Collection

The Cornell University Insect Collection is a world-class research and training collection that includes over 7 million insect specimens representing about 200,000 species, or roughly 20% of the world’s described insect fauna. Our collection is an important resource for Cornell students, staff and faculty, for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, for residents of New York state, and for the broader systematics community.

multicolored flies pinned inside a box