Training the next generation of entomologists

Welcome to the graduate field of entomology at Cornell University. We house the oldest entomology program in the United States and has a world-wide impact on entomological research.

Our program has particular strengths in the following areas: insect-plant interactions and chemical ecology; insect-microbe interactions; pest-management and biological control; outreach, public education, and citizen science; and insect diversity and systematic entomology.

Cornell Graduate Field System

The Graduate School at Cornell is organized into “training fields” that span college and department administrative units. Fields draw their faculty from multiple disciplines, so students have access to a diversity of scholarship in their respective areas of study. Faculty may belong to multiple graduate fields, so individual research labs may include students engaged in distinct training programs. The field of entomology currently includes faculty belonging to the Departments of Entomology, Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyNeurobiology and Behavior, Microbiology, the Boyce Thompson Institute and the USDA-ARS station at Cornell. Students in the field of entomology have opportunities to interact with faculty across the biological sciences at Cornell.

Prof. Murdock stands in her lab.

Contact us

Please contact us with any questions you might have about graduate education in entomology at Cornell.

Graduate Field Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Westmiller
st342 [at] (st342[at]cornell[dot]edu)

Director of Graduate Studies
Jennifer Thaler, Ph.D.
jst37 [at] (jst37[at]cornell[dot]edu)