Our department houses some of the world's preeminent resources for the study of entomology including one of the world's largest insect collections, working farms of all sizes, a major honey bee colony and state-of-the-art laboratories.

Our faculty primarily works on two campuses: Cornell's main campus in Ithaca, New York and the New York State Agricultural Station in Geneva, New York. We also work in two agricultural field stations in the state of New York.

John H. & Anna B. Comstock Hall

The department is based in Comstock Hall, where you will find our main office and many of our laboratories, classrooms and faculty offices. Also on Cornell's campus are the insectary and plant-pathology greenhouse complexes.

The Dyce Lab building

The Entomology Library

The Comstock Memorial Library of Entomology represents a world-class collection in general and applied entomology, parasitology, medical entomology, ecology, zoological nomenclature and allied orders of arthropods. The library has an extensive number of reprints, a collection of the departmental theses and rare books. The collection can now be found at Cornell's Albert R. Mann Library.

Sarkaria Arthropod Research Laboratory

SARL is a special quarantine facility providing research capacity for arthropods for experimentation on their biology and control. The facility houses exotic pest species as well as non-indigenous arthropods that might serve as biological control agents of pests. SARL was generously supported by Daljit S. and Elaine Sakaria.

A woman working in an agriculture field with crops
Grapes on a vine