Make a meaningful impact through entomology

Home to the first entomology department in the country, Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers innumerable opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels to study the basic and applied aspects of entomology within the framework of a broad education in the biological and environmental sciences.

Graduate studies

The graduate field of entomology at Cornell includes faculty conducting research in all aspects of insect biology, including systematics, phylogenetics, evolution, ecology, behavior, conservation, climate change, citizen science, invasive species, genetics, genomics, physiology, biological control, medical entomology and pesticide toxicology.

A student in an entomology lab in Comstock Hall.
milkweed tussock moth on a leaf

Why entomology at Cornell?

Although Cornell is a large institution, entomology courses are typically small (15-35 students). This creates a highly personal environment that allows students and faculty to get to know each other well, and facilitates opportunities for all students to excel. Not only do students get hands-on experience in lab courses using Cornell’s vast array of specimens and the latest scientific equipment, but numerous opportunities exist for research with faculty members during the academic year and summer.