A teacher oversees a student's lab work.

An excellent option for those who are sure they would like to pursue graduate studies or a career involving insect biology. This is a small major, which increases the interactions between students and faculty and their graduate students. Students study broadly across biology and other natural sciences, such as chemistry and physics, and deeply within the biology of insects.

A professor teaching in a classroom with students.

A good option for students in other CALS majors who have a casual interest in Entomology.

Research Honors

Finally, students with interest in pursuing entomological research should consider fulfilling the requirements for Distinction in Research Honors in Entomology. In this case, students work directly with a faculty member to complete an independent research project and submit an honors thesis by the end of their senior year.

Two students working in an entomology lab inoculating fruit.


Director of Undergraduate Studies
Cole Gilbert, Professor 
Phone: (607) 255-8152
Email: cg23 [at] cornell.edu (cg23[at]cornell[dot]edu)

Undergraduate Field Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Westmiller, Student Services
​Phone: (607) 255-6198
Email: st342 [at] cornell.edu (st342[at]cornell[dot]edu)