Biannual Review

Student Progress Review

Academic progress for all students will be reviewed twice each academic year by the Field Faculty sitting as a committee of the whole. Students will provide documentation suitable for the review as solicited by the Graduate Field Coordinator in addition to completing the Student Progress Review (SPR) form prior to the Field Faculty meeting. Students with cumulative grade point averages below 3.7 (on a 4.0 scale) should expect serious questions to be raised about their ability to complete the Ph.D. program. In addition to these reviews, the student’s Special Committee will meet at least annually between the A exam and the B exam for an individual review of progress.

At the annual reviews by the Field, the progress and suitability of each student’s program will be evaluated. Input about the student’s academic progress (including examination results, teaching assistant evaluations, and general overall progress in the program) will be collected from faculty and other appropriate sources. Progress in the program is the subject of this review.

The outcome of the review will be shared with the student and with the student’s Special Committee, which makes the final determination on whether the student is making satisfactory progress in the program, via the SPR form.