Students should be aware of the following requirements and deadlines for completing their projects or theses and preparing for graduation:

  • Final oral examinations need to be scheduled at least seven calendar days in advance using the Schedule of Examination form on the Graduate School website.
  • The Graduate School will also need a Results of Examination form denoting the outcome of the examinations. This should be filed within three days to the Graduate School. 
  • The student completing their A exam should confirm with their committee chair whether the box for the non-thesis master's degree should be checked or not as the committee chair is the only person who can access that part of the results form.
  • Students submitting a dissertation should do so online at the Graduate School’s website and follow all submission directions. Please also mind the deadlines for degree conferral.
  • Since Fall 2020, all of the Graduate School forms are available online and submission and approvals are electronically completed. Students can track signatures through Dynamic Forms. The GFA can help send signature reminder emails for all forms except exam results forms as they are the last signature on that form, so students will have to track results form signatures themselves.