Newberry Consortium in American Indian Studies (NCAIS)

Graduate students have the opportunity to apply for fellowships, summer programs, research workshops, conferences, symposia, and courses through the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program (AIISP)’s prestigious membership in the Newberry Consortium in American Indian Studies (NCAIS).

The Newberry hosts events and contains remarkable library collections and resources in its D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian History, which provides opportunities for conducting cross disciplinary research. For more information about the opportunities that the Newberry is offering please visit the NCAIS website or aiisp [at] (contact us) if you are interested in applying.

Huntington Free Library's Native American Collection

The Huntington Free Library's Native American Collection was transferred to Cornell University on June 15, 2004 from its former home in the Bronx, New York. One of the largest collections of books and manuscripts of its kind, the Huntington collection contains outstanding materials documenting the history, culture, languages, and arts of the Indigenous peoples of both North and South America. Contemporary politics and human rights issues are also important components of the collection, which places Cornell in the top ranks for research in American Indian and Indigenous Studies in the nation. It contains more than 40,000 volumes and significant quantities of archival materials on the archaeology, ethnology, and history of Indigenous peoples of the Americans from the colonial period to the present.

"The collection provides enormously rich materials for teaching and research and will enable us to attract outstanding scholars from across the hemispheres," says Jane Mt. Pleasant (Tuscarora), the former Director of the AIISP. She adds, "Student opportunities to conduct original research with primary documents will be unprecedented.” For more information visit the Cornell Library website.