We offer numerous courses each semester that range in content and engage various departments across campus. Taught by dedicated faculty that bring a high quality of scholarship to American Indian and Indigenous Studies, we urge all students to take at least one American Indian and Indigenous Studies (AIIS) course during their Cornell career. A minor in AIIS is available to both graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in learning more about Indigenous communities, experiences and issues or who want to enrich the research they are already doing.


AIIS minors

An academic minor in American Indian and Indigenous Studies (AIIS) will immerse you in scholarship grounded in ethical research practices guided by community priorities. Our minor is available to undergraduate students in any college and to graduate students in any field at Cornell.

Read more about the undergraduate minor and graduate minor.

AIIS courses

We are proud to offer courses every semester that connect Indigenous studies to departments throughout Cornell. If you are interested in fields such as art, art history, anthropology, archaeology, law, linguistics, literature or natural resources, we have a course for you! Our courses are taught by expert faculty who bring high quality scholarship to American Indian and Indigenous Studies.

AIIS funding

Due to our commitment to research relating to the field of AIIS, we offer our students many opportunities, including funding for research, travel and enrichment, plus access to a huge library of resources all year long. We are also proud to support qualified students' applications to prestigious scholarship and internship programs.