Make your own goat soft pack


To make one pack, you need:

  • One main piece – 48 in X 10 ½ in
  • Four side pieces – each 10 ¼ in X 5 in
  • Two flap pieces – each 16 ½ in X 10 ½ in

All pattern pieces have ½ inch seam allowance included in dimensions listed above. 1 ¼ in hem allowance on either end of main piece and 1 end of side piece has been included in the dimensions.

  • 1 in. buckle - plastic side release buckle with tri-slider
  • Swivel snap hook and D ring
  • 1 in. Polypropolyne webbing
  • ¾ in. sew-on Velcro

Sewing directions

  • Sew side pieces to main piece, 1 at each corner. Hem both ends. Finish attaching side pieces to main to form a bag on each end with about 5 inches between bags.
  • The space between bags can be turned in or bound with bias binding.
  • The flap is made by sewing the 2 pieces together, with right sides together with an opening for turning and turning right side out. Hand stitch opening closed. Stitch flap across midline of bag section. All pieces are top stitched about ¼ inch from edge.

Finishing Instructions:

To finish the soft pack you will need 48 inches of 1 inch webbing, you will need one 1 inch side release buckle with tri-slider, a swivel snap hook and a D ring and 6 inches of ¾ inch sew-on Velcro.

For front strap: take 2 pieces of fabric 4 ½ inches X 14 inches and make a tube closed at one end. Attach one piece to front side of two bags (points marked A on drawing below). Attach Velcro to appropriate sides of strap to complete adjustable closure.

For Back strap: Take a 23 inch piece of webbing and attach to inside end of bag opposite front strap, using tri-slider, attach the swivel snap so that strap length will be adjustable. Take a 4 inch piece of webbing, fold in half with cut ends together, and sew D ring to bag end opposite snap (points marked B on drawing below).

For belly strap: Take a 5 inch piece of webbing and fold in half, with one side of buckle in middle and cut ends together, and sew to middle of inside edge of bag bottom (points marked C on drawing below). Take a 16 inch piece of webbing and sew to middle edge of opposite bag (point C). Using tri-slider, attach the remaining buckle part so that the strap length will be adjustable.