Rabbits and Cavies

Rabbit projects are suitable for youth of all ages from urban, suburban and rural communities. Lessons include all aspects of rabbit management and the science behind it. Young people learn about animal care, health, nutrition, physiology, breeding, genetics, housing, behavior, record keeping and presenting themselves and their animals to the public. Some participants may choose to enter their rabbits in shows and fairs or to produce meat and fur, but neither activity is required. Students may be challenged by the many-faceted Rabbit Science Decathlon, held each year at the State Fair and similar exercises held in many counties.

Cavy projects are a rapidly growing program that is appropriate for all 4-H members from age 5 to 19 and from the inner city to the most remote rural areas. 

Rabbit Projects and Information

Girl talking to judge about rabbit

Youth learn and compete using their knowledge of rabbit anatomy, nutrition, health, breeds, handling, and other subjects.

rabbit in cage

The Rabbit Basics Manual is the perfect place for 4-Hers interested in a rabbit project to get started.

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