New Dairy Processing Technology

A central hub for the evaluation of emerging and existing dairy processing technologies

There has been an increase in technologies and methodologies across various products in the food industry. Innovation is essential to maintain and grow the demand for NY dairy products and dairy ingredients. However,  with all the technologies out there, it can be difficult to assess whether the investment is worth it. There is a lack of a central hub that houses the evaluation of emerging technologies and methodologies and specifically those that can be applied to dairy products. Thus, through our scouring of publications worldwide, patents, and relevant scientific publications, we have critically evaluated and identified processing technologies that are applicable to the dairy industry. This allows facilitation of innovation to allow the NY dairy industry to lead nationally and improve its international competitiveness.

Here, we provide one-pagers to the existing and emerging dairy processing technologies. If you have more questions about whether a certain technology is worth the investment for your facility, please email Aljosa Trmcic at at543 [at] or Rob Ralyea at rdr10 [at]