Research and publications

The Food safety Laboratory and Milk Quality Improvement Program represent a combined group that is led by Martin Wiedmann in the Department of Food Science. This group is united by a common mission:


We strive to create a world with a safer and more high quality food supply


Through innovative research, education and outreach positively impact the long term microbial safety and quality of the global food supply

The Food Safety Laboratory was established by the Department of Food Science as a biosecurity level 2 laboratory to facilitate research on foodborne pathogens. Since 1994, the laboratory has been under the direction of Kathryn Boor, Professor of food processing microbiology.

The Food Safety Laboratory conducts and facilitate basic and applied research on the microorganisms responsible for foodborne diseases and food spoilage. To these ends, current research activities focus on the genetics, pathogenesis, and ecology of bacteria transmitted through food systems, including both pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms such as the pathogens Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella , Gram-positive spore forming spoilage organisms. Research results are translated into practical applications for improving the microbial safety and quality of foods through close interactions with the food industry and regulatory agencies responsible for protecting the food supply.

The Milk Quality Improvement Program is a research and extension program that is primarily funded by the New York State Dairy Promotion Board, dairy farmers dedicated to the production, manufacture and distribution of quality dairy products. The objectives of this program are to assist New York State dairy plants in improving the quality of dairy products and to monitor and make recommendations to improve the quality of raw milk produced in New York State.