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Internship Opportunities

  • BASF: At BASF, summer hires are defined as full-time college students hired through our temporary agency provider, Kelly OCG, to provide support during the summer months. To apply, the student would need to complete the application process for job #1602371 on the BASF website. Applicants should also email their resume to James Maguire (james.maguire [at] (james[dot]maguire[at]basf[dot]com)) and cc: BASFPMO [at] (BASFPMO[at]kellyocg[dot]com).
  • Corteva AgroSciences
  • Marrone Bio Innovations
  • Cornell AgriTech Summer Scholars Program

Career Opportunities

The CALS entomology major is offered primarily for undergraduate students whose professional orientation is directed either toward basic studies of insects-ranging from genomics to ecosystems, or toward issues related to the beneficial and deleterious effects and impact of insects on humans and their activities, environment, and health.

Specific career opportunities exist in basic and applied phases of entomology; including apiculture, acarology, behavior, biological control, ecology, conservation biology, genetics, medical and veterinary entomology, morphology, physiology, insect pathology, integrated pest management, toxicology and insecticidal chemistry, and systematics.

Most undergraduates who major in this program subsequently go on to graduate studies in entomology or related sciences. Others find that the Entomology major is good preparation for a medical career. Undergraduates who enroll in the Entomology major but do not anticipate directly entering a graduate program can choose electives in the major that will be of immediate value to the careers they plan.