Dairy Products

Dairy Process review and validation available for dairy products. Fees charged for initial review, research, and on-site review.

Two people in white coats working in the Cornell Dairy Processing Plant.

Experienced full time staff professionals are able to assist you in all aspects of food product development and processing.

You can visit our facilities and work collaboratively with our personnel, or the staff of the FPDL can process your product to your specifications and ship it to you overnight. Customized pilot plant product runs can be conducted with our established access to ingredients and raw materials

A tester receiving a sample in the Sensory Evaluation Center

We conduct Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Product Research.
Among the standard services that are offered to commercial clients are Consumer Acceptability, Preference and Discrimination Testing.
In addition, the program provides consultations in all matters related to sensory product testing: appropriateness of particular test method, study sample size, questionnaire design, statistics and analyses, sample blinding and serving sizes, to name a few.