Generating new knowledge to make a positive impact on society

The Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering sees as its responsibility the full range of scholarship from generation of new knowledge to assuring its positive impact on society. This responsibility rests not only with the department collectively but with every faculty member. We have found the most effective approach to optimizing this positive impact on society is to work on interdisciplinary projects and programs that include both research and extension (and in some cases undergraduate teaching).

We also rely heavily on faculty working closely with extension educators with backgrounds in engineering and technology to deliver new technologies and information to clients. Increasingly, our extension programs are not directed to farmers or in some cases even local extension agents working with farmers but rather public and private groups whose efforts impact farmers and other citizens.

In addition, we are investing more time and energy in regional and national sharing of new information. All these efforts will serve not just to build the extension efforts of the department, but will also enhance the ongoing research and teaching programs.

Cornell Local Roads Program

Water Resources Institute

Advancing water resource management and addressing critical water resource problems in New York state and beyond. We leverage our unique access to scientific and technical resources at Cornell and with our partners to: