Field of biological and environmental engineering

From our beginnings as one of the first departments of agricultural engineering in the country through our transition to a premier biological and environmental engineering department, our tradition of excellence has centered on training graduate students for leadership in the field. As a student in our department, you will be part of this extraordinary legacy.

Explore the field of biological and environmental engineering.

Graduate degrees

The field of biological and environmental engineering offers programs for the following degrees:

Student in a greenhouse tends lettuce.

The Master of Engineering (biological and environmental) is intended primarily for students who plan to enter engineering practice. This professional program is intended to develop students’ backgrounds in engineering design as well as to improve their fundamental engineering knowledge.

A faculty member and student test water samples near a waterfall.

The Master of Professional Studies is intended for those who want to further their training for practitioner-type work in agricultural technology and who do not intend to become involved in engineering design and research.

A PhD student working in the lab.

Students can be admitted into either the Master of Science or the Doctor of Philosophy program. The focus of these programs is on scholarly research.

BEE Graduate Student Association

Executive board

  • President: Sean Medin sm2769 [at]
  • Vice President: Katie Randolph ker234 [at]
  • Treasurer: Young Joon Suh ys668 [at]
  • GPSA Representative: Sean Medin sm2769 [at]

Activities include:

  • “BEERS” – biological and environmental engineering research seminars. Students get an opportunity to practice giving seminars in a nonthreatening situation and to learn about each other’s work.
  • Involvement with the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, Cornell’s student government organization for graduate students.
  • Party/BBQ at the beginning and end of each semester, movie nights, intramural softball and basketball, and camping trips.

Professional organizations

Graduate students are encouraged to continue their professional development by becoming members of professional organizations that align with their interests.