Mission Statement

Improving the Quality and Safety of NYS Highways

The New York State LTAP Center - Cornell Local Roads Program provides unbiased, timely and exceptional technical assistance and training to highway and public works departments across New York State to help improve the quality and safety of roads and streets. We support local communities through strong collaborations with partners that enhance the sustainability of local highway assets.

Dollar bills rolled up and stuck in the dirt to mimic the dollar bills growing

Unlock the secrets of acing your local project with federal aid in this exciting 4-hour online workshop! Join David Orr, P.E., as he guides you through the entire journey. Discover the keys to success, navigate federal and state requirements with ease, and gain insights into common pitfalls. Learn the ropes, and understand everyone's role for a smooth project experience!

Person in florescent orange and yellow standing in the road with a stop sign.

This tutorial was created to highlight the key points of flagging.

Grass patch with orange/brown polluted water pooled in the creek

Looking for training on stormwater management? The EPA has five online modules available at no cost. The training course consists of five training modules and a final exam and takes approximately seven hours to complete. They are self-paced, so you can take them at your convenience (this is not a substitute for the DEC 4-hour course).

Contact Information

416 Riley-Robb Hall / Ithaca, NY 14853 / phone: 607-255-8033 / fax: 607-255-4080 / email: clrp@cornell.edu