Mission Statement

Improving the Quality and Safety of NYS Highways

The New York State LTAP Center - Cornell Local Roads Program provides unbiased, timely and exceptional technical assistance and training to highway and public works departments across New York State to help improve the quality and safety of roads and streets. We support local communities through strong collaborations with partners that enhance the sustainability of local highway assets.

2023 Engineering Workshops

This year we are offering three engineering-level workshops. 

  • Federal Aid 101 - Virtual (3 PDHs)
  • Low-Volume Road Pavement Design (7 PDHs)
  • ADA in the Public Right of Way (7 PDHs)

To see the workshop descriptions, dates, and locations please click here

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Ongoing series of free webinars focused on the important principles that are key to local highway agency operations and management.

Road with headlights to illuminate the center stripe

As of August 2022, a final rule has been made which requires agencies select a method that will ensure a minimum level of Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity on many highways. Learn the different types of methods available in our newest Deeper Digs.

Green poster with a man in a hard hat. Text: Job Vacancies

If you have a job opening, we would like to help! Please send us a job description and application deadline, and we will post it on our site.

Contact Information

416 Riley-Robb Hall / Ithaca, NY 14853 / phone: 607-255-8033 / fax: 607-255-4080 / email: clrp@cornell.edu