Mission Statement

Improving the Quality and Safety of NYS Highways

The New York State LTAP Center - Cornell Local Roads Program provides unbiased, timely and exceptional technical assistance and training to highway and public works departments across New York State to help improve the quality and safety of roads and streets. We support local communities through strong collaborations with partners that enhance the sustainability of local highway assets.

The 2023 Statewide Conference on Local Bridges

The 2023 conference will be held in Albany. Scheduled to be held on October 25 & 26, with the training session on October 24.  

The 2023 conference is anticipated to be worth 7.5 PDHs, while each training is anticipated to be worth 4 PDHs.

View the draft Conference agenda.


Bridge over a stream with a blue house on the left side of the road
Orange Background with black text, Community Corner, Work Zones, People's lives are in your hands. Slow Down. Speeding is one of the major causes of work zone crashes. Everyone in the work zone is part of a family. It could be yours! Small picture of a black car with a speedometer

Infographics to help you effectively communicate with the community

Person in florescent orange and yellow standing in the road with a stop sign.

This tutorial was created to highlight the key points of flagging.

Ariel view looking down at a messy desk with a women holding her head. Feeling of being overwhelmed.

What are signs of burnout and are there any suggested coping techniques?

Contact Information

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