BEE Department Seminar Series

Fall 2023

105 Riley-Robb Hall, 11:50-1pm

September 11:David Lafferty, Ph.D. Candidate
University of Illinois
The challenges of generating and using local-scale climate information

September 18: Shaoyi Jiang, Ph.D.
Cornell University
Title: Development of Highly Biocompatible and Environmentally Benign Zwitterionic Materials 

September 25: Chaopeng Shen, Ph.D.
Penn State University
Machine learning and differentiable modeling for global hydrology

October 16: Margaret Byron, Ph.D.
Penn State University
Swimming, flying, walking: the amazing world of aquatic insects

October 23: Jose L. Avalos, Ph.D.
Princeton University
Title TBD

October 30: Teng Zhang, Ph.D. 
Syracuse University
Mechanics of Bioinspired Shape Morphing: From Self-burying Seed Carriers to Shape Changing Pasta

November 13: Bo Wang, Ph.D. 
Cornell University
Improving public and ecosystem health via biologically inspired precision engineering

November 27: Chang Chen, Ph.D.
Cornell University
Sustainable and Digitalized Postharvest Technologies for Food and Agricultural Products

December 4: Taika von Konigslow, Ph.D.
Cornell University
Precision livestock technology for dairy calf management: Research updates and exploration of the problem space

December 11: Andrew Hein, Ph.D. 
Cornell University
Title TBD


September 13: Bart Nicolai, Professor
Biosystems Department
KU Leaven, Belgium 
Multiscale modelling of gas transport during postharvest storage of pome fruit
Sept. 13 seminar recording

September 20: Sarah Nadeau, Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
What pathogen genomes can tell us about epidemic spread
Sept. 20 seminar recording

September 27: Kevin Solomon, Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of Delaware
Domesticating anaerobic fungi for direct biomanufacturing from renewable plant biomass
Sept. 27 seminar recording

October 4: Grey Nearing, Assistant Professor
Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
UC Davis
Machine Learning in Hydrology Modeling
Oct. 4 seminar recording

October 18: Claudia Tebaldi, Earth Scientist
Joint Global Change Research Institute – PNNL
Frequency changes in extreme sea levels for different global warming levels
Oct. 18 seminar recording

November 1: Chen Li, Assistant Professor
John Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering
Towards understanding animal and robot locomotion in complex 3-D terrain

November 8: Hazel Barton, Professor
Akron University 
Dark Life: What’s the deal with manganese?

Fall 2022 

B15 Riley-Robb Hall, 12:45-2pm


If you cannot attend in person, the seminars will also be available on zoom

September 14: Emily H. Palmer, Ph.D. Candidate
California Institute of Technology
Lessons on flying straight from Drosophila melanogaster

Seminar Recording

October 12: Eri Hayashi, Vice President-Norm Scott Distinguished Seminar Speaker
Japan Plant Factory Association
Innovations Towards Sustainable Plant Factories

Seminar Recording

Panel Recording

October 26: Jon Lamontagne, Ph.D.
CEE, Tufts University
Evaluating the drivers and impacts of water scarcity in a changing and interconnected world

Seminar Recording

November 16: Nicole D. Jackson, Ph.D.
Sandia National Laboratories
Extreme weather drivers during power outages in the United States

Seminar Recording

November 23: Karolien De Wael, Ph.D.- ZOOM  Only 
University of Antwerp
Singlet Oxygen-Based Photoelectrochemical DNA Sensing

Seminar Recording