Weekly Windows Update

CALS-OIT deploys Microsoft updates to Cornell domain connected Windows PCs on the Friday following the second Tuesday of each month.  These updates generally require a reboot. If you don’t install and reboot on your own schedule your computer will automatically install the patches at 4 PM on Tuesday or as soon as possible if a computer is not on at that time. Once the updates are installed, a notification appears with a countdown of four hours that the computer will be restarted.   You may restart your computer at your convenience any time before the 4 hour forced restart.   We have reserved this time as a weekly maintenance window for other third party security patches as well; they will install on the same schedule.

Notifications will be a taskbar icon and popup windows  (below). If you would like to install the updates at a time that is convenient for you (between the first notification and Tuesday 4 PM), follow the prompts in the popup dialogs. If, at anytime after the updates are available, you don’t see the popup dialog and would like to install the updates on your own schedule, you can click on the Taskbar icon, the left-most icon in the picture below, it looks like an software box with a red X in the bottom right corner, follow the prompts to install the updates and then reboot your computer.

Taskbar icon:

Taskbar Icon

Popup window:

Windows Update Popup window


Software Center updates tab