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Faculty Governance

Calendar of Meetings

Calendar of Faculty Governance Meetings
September 12, 202311am-12:10pmZoom conferencingStanding cmt. meeting
October 10, 202311am-12:10pmZoom conferencingStanding cmt. meeting
November 14, 202311am-12:10pmZoom conferencingStanding cmt. meeting
December 12, 202311am-12:10pmZoom conferencingStanding cmt. meeting
January 16, 202411am-12:10pmZoom conferencingStanding cmt. meeting
February 2024TBAZoom conferencingStanding cmt. meeting
March 2024TBAZoom conferencingStanding cmt. meeting
April 2024TBAZoom conferencingStanding cmt. meeting
May 2024TBAZoom conferencingStanding cmt. meeting

CALS Faculty Executive Committee Members

Members can be contacted at cfec [at] (cfec[at]cornell[dot]edu):

  • Michael Mazourek - School of Integrative Plant Science (Chair)
  • Anurag Agrawal - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Todd Walter - Biological and Environmental Engineering
  • Mark Sarvary - Neurobiology and Behavior
  • Kerik Cox - School of Integrative Plant Science
  • Heather Huson - Animal Science
  • Annalisa Raymer - Global Development

Standing Committees

Voting Faculty Members

  • Tenure Track Professorial Faculty
  • Emeriti Faculty (TT and RTE)
  • Extension Associates and Sr. Extension Associates
  • Research Associates and Sr. Research Associates
  • Lecturers and Sr. Lecturers
  • Professor of the Practice (all ranks)
  • Professor of Research (all ranks)
  • Clinical Professors (all ranks)
  • Senior Scientists
  • Research Scientists
  • Principal Research Scientists

These voting titles are for CALS only, and includes extension associates, research associates, and lecturers that do not have university voting rights (see Article I here: The mailing list for voting faculty is updated twice a year, after general faculty hiring cycles end (approximately January and August). CALS includes non-CALS members of the same rank in our shared units for faculty voting as decisions made by CALS may affect them also.

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Structure and Procedures of CALS Faculty Governance