Mac Update Schedule

All CALS-OIT managed Macs are configured to check for OS updates daily.  If there are updates available you will be prompted to either install them, or you may postpone installation to the following day.  At which time you will be prompted again to either install or postpone.  You are allowed to postpone updates up to five times before they are mandatory.  If the updates require a system reboot you will be notified prior to installation.

When updates are available, a notification will appear on-screen.  This notification will indicate whether the available updates require a reboot of your Mac.

You may install updates at your leisure anytime between the five allowed postponements.  When you’ve exhausted all of the allowed postponements the installation of updates, and associated reboot if required, will be mandatory.

After installation, if no reboots are required, you will see the following notice indicating the updates were installed.