DNRE Graduate Student Association

The Cornell University Department of Natural Resources and the Environment Graduate Student Association (DNRE GSA) invites you to explore our organization and graduate student life in our department. If you are a new or potential student, the following information will introduce you to our graduate student community.

About the GSA

The Graduate Student Association brings together the talents and initiative of graduate students to cultivate a dynamic and supportive working environment.

We coordinate a yearly student symposium, assist with weekly departmental seminars, and sponsor an annual distinguished guest speaker for students' professional development.

Students organize events and enjoy a community environment and rich social life both within and outside the department.

Executive Board (2023-2024)

GSA does not have a president for the 2023-2024 year. Please contact one of the GSA officers below based on your needs or contact Sarah Lawhun (sld79) for general inquiries.

  • Vice President – Sarah Lawhun (sdl79 [at] cornell.edu)
  • GPSA Representative – Hannah Kirkland (hek47 [at] cornell.edu)
  • Grad Admissions and Policy Representative – Kimberly Navarro-Velez (kcn35 [at] cornell.edu)
  • DEI Officer – Rebecca Wooldridge (rlw298 [at] cornell.edu)
  • Secretary – Manasi Anand (ma2337 [at] cornell.edu)
  • Treasurer – Alex Koeberle (alk239 [at] cornell.edu)
  • Web Editor – Kelsey Alvarez del Castillo (klg97 [at] cornell.edu)
  • General Members - Jessie Hughes (jah667 [at] cornell.edu), Caitlin Davis (cmd356 [at] cornell.edu), Trifosa Simamora (tis25 [at] cornell.edu)

Frequently Asked Questions

Most departments at Cornell have their own Graduate Student Association, or GSA, although some are more active than others. GSAs act as a liaison between graduate students and faculty, foster academic interaction among graduate students, and support important social functions.

Our GSA receives funding from both the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment (DNRE) and the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) of Cornell University.

The GSA usually holds a full meeting at the beginning of each semester to make decisions and plan activities for the upcoming months. Most DNRE grad students participate in GSA events throughout the year.

All DNRE graduate students are welcome to participate in any GSA meetings or activities.

The GSA elects a faculty meeting representative who attends the monthly faculty meetings and keeps the GSA up-to-date on topics of interest to graduate students.

In addition to organizing and sponsoring most of the annual social events that take place in our department, GSA organizes many other events that may never appear on this website, including pay-day happy hours and department barbecues throughout the year.

A cohort is a group of students who begin their graduate study at Cornell during the same year. Most first-year graduate students enroll in NTRES 6000, Introduction to Graduate Studies in Natural Resources, in the fall semester. This class helps new graduate students understand the mechanics of the department, but it also allows new students to bond with their cohort.

The DNRE GSA elects a representative to sit on the Council of Representatives for the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA). This organization serves grad students from across the university. Our representative ensures that any macro-changes in the graduate school community take Natural Resources students' interests into account.