Our vision

The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment is a world leader in scholarship addressing social and ecological dimensions of natural resources and the environment to improve environmental sustainability, promote the well-being of communities, and ensure access to sustainable energy and environmental resources.

What we work on

We create knowledge and facilitate learning to improve society’s stewardship of the environment and promote a conservation ethos for a sustainable planet.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion

We are a diverse department of researchers, educators, students and staff that seek science-based solutions to environmental problems and sustainable natural resource management. In our research, teaching and outreach, we recognize that the acknowledgement and respect of all stakeholders’ perspectives is essential for achieving just and sustainable solutions to today’s environmental problems.

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Three people in a boat with on holding up the albino shortnose sturgeon


Fish tagged 26 years ago recaptured during Hudson sturgeon count
Researchers conducting a population estimate of shortnose sturgeon in the Hudson River caught one on Nov. 19 that had been tagged 26 years ago, during the last such count.
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A school of fish underwater


Janelle Morano is tracking the movements of fish in response to sudden changes in marine ecosystems.
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Students in a classroom.


During the two weeks of the COP26 (Conference of the Parties) international climate change conference’s talks and negotiations, 45 undergraduate and graduate Cornell students plugged in from Ithaca through select channels, listened and held digital front row seats to environmental history.
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