Our vision

The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment is a world leader in scholarship addressing social and ecological dimensions of natural resources and the environment to improve environmental sustainability, promote the well-being of communities, and ensure access to sustainable energy and environmental resources.

What we work on

We create knowledge and facilitate learning to improve society’s stewardship of the environment and promote a conservation ethos for a sustainable planet.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion

We are a diverse department of researchers, educators, students and staff that seek science-based solutions to environmental problems and sustainable natural resource management. In our research, teaching and outreach, we recognize that the acknowledgement and respect of all stakeholders’ perspectives is essential for achieving just and sustainable solutions to today’s environmental problems.

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A book opening and pages flaring out.


Einhorn Center announces new Engaged Faculty Fellows

Twenty-five faculty and academic staff from nine Cornell colleges and units are Engaged Faculty Fellows for the 2023-24 academic year, with projects dedicated to advancing community-engaged learning at Cornell and within their respective fields.

  • American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program
  • Cornell AgriTech
  • Department of Communication
Person removing cod end of limnology net


CBFS graduate student Toby Holda, working with Watkins, Rudstam, Boynton from CBFS, and collaborators from EPA (Scofield), Univ Michigan (Jude), NOAA (Pothoven), USGS (Warner, O’Brien) and DFO Canada (Currie, Bowen), analyzed the abundance...
  • Biological Field Station
  • Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Ecosystems
A male student adjusts yarn on a line drying.


For Cornell students studying environmental science, creating art with naturally dyed yarn, soil paintings to depict climate change and woodcuts featuring poetry brought ecology into focus.

  • Arnot Teaching and Research Forest
  • Biological Field Station
  • Natural Resources and the Environment