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Our expertise ranges from conservation genetics to global ecological processes, and from individual and group environmental behavior to influences of institutions and social systems as drivers of environmental change. We are dedicated to applying our expertise to teaching, research, extension and outreach activities, including advising policymakers.

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For general inquiries, please call (607) 255-2821 or (607) 255-2822.

Department Chair

Richard Stedman

111B Fernow Hall
(607) 255-9729
rcs6 [at]

Assistant to the Chair

Shannon Hovencamp

111 Fernow Hall
(607) 255-2822
slm56 [at]

Department Business Administrator

Jeffrey Carmichael

111E Fernow Hall
(607) 255-2820
jc2693 [at]

Course Coordinator

Tiffany Stauderman

111 Fernow Hall
(607) 255-2821
tmc58 [at]

Director of Graduate Studies

Marianne Krasny

221 Fernow Hall
mek2 [at]

Director of MPS Degree Program

Stephen Morreale

108 Fernow Hall
sjm11 [at]

Graduate Field Assistant

Shane Hutchinson

111C Fernow Hall
(607) 255-2809
sah49 [at]

Department Extension Leader

Paul Curtis

222 Fernow Hall
(607) 227-5927
pdc1 [at]

Extension Assistant

Andrew Glaspell

214 Fernow Hall
(607) 255-2115
asg233 [at] cornell.edutitle="mailto:asg233 [at]"

Mailing address

226 Mann Drive
111 Fernow Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853