Graduate Field Faculty

While faculty are grouped by one major research focus, most work across many of these areas. Please see the individual lab pages for more details.

Applied Microbiology 

The application of microbes to solve problems in agriculture and industry

Environmental Microbiology / Microbial Ecology

Understanding interactions between microbes and their environment

Host-Microbe interactions

Understanding the beneficial and pathogenic interactions between microbes and host organisms.

Molecular Microbiology

Understanding the fundamental molecular processes of microbes.

  • Ruth Collins -- microbiology
  • Joshua Chappie --  Bacterial defenses systems
  • Tobias Doerr  -- Stress pathways; antibiotic resistance/tolerance
  • Heather Feaga -- ribosome maintenance, molecular biology, biochemistry
  • Patrick Gibney -- yeast metabolism and stress; wine microbiology
  • John Helmann -- stress responses, metal homeostasis, antibiotic resistance
  • Ailong Ke -- crystallography; biochemistry
  • Yuxin Mao -- membrane trafficking; phosphoinositide signaling
  • Joseph Peters -- genome stability; transposition; CRISPR-Cas
  • Kelsi Sandoz -- bacterial cell envelope; growth-arrest and long-term survival
  • Stephen Winans -- biotechnology; phytobacteriology
  • ehk68 [at] (Elizabeth Kellogg) -- molecular biology & genetics