Our faculty teach a wide portfolio of microbiology courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We also serve as the home department for the Graduate Field of Microbiology (with over 40 affiliated faculty members) and provide a center of expertise for numerous aspects of microbial biology. Research within our department is focused on prokaryotic molecular biology and environmental microbiology.

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Ribosome Quality Control in Gram-Positive Bacteria
Heather Feaga, Microbiology, is identifying and characterizing strategies used by gram-positive bacteria to detect and rescue stalled ribosomes.
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Faculty from seven Cornell colleges have been named Engaged Faculty Fellows through the David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement, joining a network that is committed to advancing engaged teaching and scholarship at Cornell and in their...

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Eight graduate students from 1890 land grant institutions across the United States have been selected as part of the inaugural cohort of Thomas Wyatt Turner Fellows at Cornell University. Representing a wide range of research specialties...
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