Cultivating relationships with alumni for nearly 40 years.

Lead NY has been recognized for the tremendous impact it has had across the state, and beyond. Since 1985, over 500 individuals have participated in the program and have added their names to the directory of dedicated and involved alumni.

Graduation from the group does not represent the end, but rather the beginning of a lifetime of new experiences. Lead NY provides our state with motivated decision-makers that are well informed and able to shape the future of New York. Their efforts have led to such endeavors as – being elected to local, county and state offices, creating economic opportunities in communities, and leading their organizations through challenging times. It is about coming face-to-face with the challenges we live with everyday, and using their experience to lead others to highly innovative and successful solutions.

Previous LeadNY alumni tours have been to Ireland, Scotland, Cuba, Costa Rica, and most recently, Morocco. 

Stay tuned for the 2026 trip announcement!


Morocco, 2024

Ireland, 2022