Lydia Ngonzi

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow, 2022-23

  • Home country: Uganda
  • Specialization: Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change; Science-based policy, environmental economics
  • Current role: Consultant, Industrial Economics Incorporated
  • Education: Master of Science in Water Science, Policy, and Management, University of Oxford; Master of Science in Integrated Water Resources Management, University of Dar es Salaam; Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Makerere University Kampala
  • Connect: ln266 [at] (Email) 

Lydia Ngonzi (she/her) specializes in the planning and management of water and environmental resources with a focus on addressing risks that hinder socio-economic development. Her interests are in water security, climate change and green growth. She enjoys applying her strong scientific background and policy experience to inform sound decisions while working alongside diverse groups of stakeholders to institutionalize policy outcomes, tools, and approaches. Lydia currently devotes her time to supporting the delivery of the National Irrigation Master Plan for Uganda, a key signature policy outcome that will transform Uganda’s agricultural sector, which employs over 70% of Uganda’s population. Prior to being contracted by Industrial Economics Incorporated, Lydia worked as a Technical Advisor for Science and Policy for GIZ’s Natural Resources Stewardship Programme; formerly the International Water Stewardship Programme. Before GIZ, Lydia served as a Senior Research Coordinator for the National Environment Management Authority, where she created mechanisms to inform policy on environment and natural resources. She also served as a Project Hydrologist for Water Resources and Energy Management International Inc, helping the firm deliver the Lake Rukwa Basin Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Plan to the Government of Tanzanian. Other notable policy outcomes Lydia has contributed to include the Water Security Action and Investment Plan for Greater Kampala, and Uganda 2020 Green Growth Report. 

Lydia hopes to use her time at Cornell to strengthen her expertise in public policy, decision analysis, and economics.