Jean Marie Nizigiyimana

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow, 2022-23

  • Home countryBurundi
  • SpecializationNatural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change; Plastics recycling, innovative recycling and waste management systems
  • Current roleCEO, JENI-ECO COMPANY
  • Education: Bachelor's in Environmental Science, Polytechnic University of Gitega
  • Connect: jn544 [at] (Email) | LinkedIn

Jean Marie Nizigiyimana, from Gitega, Burundi, is the founder and CEO of JENI-ECO Company, a plastic recycling and manufacturing company. Since 2015, he has also been the Head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Climate Change Resilience within the United Forces of Partners for Sustainable Development (UFPSD), a local organization helping Burundi integrate into the East African economy. He received his bachelor's degree in environmental science from the Polytechnic University of Gitega, focusing on water pollution and sanitation. In 2018, he initiated a trash management program in Gitega city. From that initiative, he birthed the idea of creating JENI-ECO Company to fight plastic waste by recycling plastic waste into paving stones. In addition to waste management and recycling, Jean Marie held different positions within UFPSD,  contributing to community development through English clubs, women and youth empowerment projects, and community healthcare initiatives. At UFPSD, Jean's projects focus on environmental protection campaigns, including tree planting, city cleaning, and climate change workshops. As a Humphrey Fellow at Cornell University, he intends to deepen his knowledge of natural resources, environmental policy, and climate change. He will work to gain new skills as a business and community leader so he can help Burundi, and Africa, in designing and implementing innovative plastics recycling and waste management systems.