Dong-pyo Hong

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow, 2022-23

  • Home country: South Korea
  • Specialization: Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration; Oil spills and illegal dumping in marine environments; Surveillance and detection systems for maritime ships and spills; Alternative energy
  • Current role: Assistant Manager, Korea Coast Guard (KCG)
  • Education: Master's of Science, Mokpo National Maritime University
  • Connect: dh692 [at] (Email) | LinkedIn

Dong-pyo Hong works in the Korea Coast Guard (KCG), specializing in oil spill responses at off-coast oil rigs in South Korea. As a Humphrey Fellow at Cornell University, he will work to develop new potential strategies for Korean warships to adopt renewable energy sources like Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). In addition, Dong-pyo intends to research how the Korean government could fund the Korean Coast Guard in the construction of electric-powered patrol ships by investigating how the US Government launched similar projects and funding for the US Navy and US Coast Guard (USCG). He would also like to understand the safety and engineering of USCG Liquified Natural Gas systems so he may improve emergency response methods in Korea. Through this, he hopes he can offer considerations to help the Korean Government change the laws surrounding the Korean Navy’s and Coast Guard’s gas emissions.