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The primary Wordmark

The wordmark is central to the CALS brand. It is built around a strong graphic element—the delta, a symbol of the change that’s central to our history and our interest in the world around us. It’s set in a simple, modern, geometric typeface. And it reinforces the shorthand our audiences have come to adopt: We are CALS.

We are also Cornell, and direct connection with the university name will afford us instant recognition, an easy shorthand and differentiation from the other colleges of agriculture and life sciences across the country.

The CALS wordmark or its variations should be used in all official college communications. When used as a logo, use the official vector artwork.

The wordmark has been carefully set with specific letter spacing and typographic details, and should not be recreated by simply typing it out. However, the college name may be typed out when used in a paragraph of text.


Wordmark Variations

Horizontal Configurations

These configurations can be used if the college name in the primary configuration is not legible at a small size.

Vertical Configurations

Use this configuration if there is limited horizontal space.

Cornell CALS should only be used without the college name for assets intended for internal use within Cornell, or for audiences where CALS is already well known.

Do not recreate any of these configurations—they have been carefully spaced and customized. Please use provided vector artwork.

Shorthand Mark

This orientation is reserved exclusively for Cornell CALS official social media accounts and pre-approved multimedia graphics.


To protect the legibility and visual integrity of the wordmark, always observe a margin of clear space around it. Use the height of the capital “L” in CALS to measure around the lockup.

The exception to the clearspace rule is when the wordmark is locked up with the Cornell University seal.

– See Brand Architecture for guidelines on how to lock up the wordmark with the Cornell University seal.

Wordmark Color

The wordmark should only appear in approved CALS colors. Use the primary palette or all-red version when applying color, and observe this limited palette of color applications. 

Use grayscale or all-red values if your production methods are limited, such as one-color printing. Achieve a clear contrast when applying the wordmark to a field of color or an image.

Refer to online accessibility standards to refine color combinations for online use.

Wordmark Don'ts

Always use approved digital vector artwork. To ensure the brand retains its integrity and clarity, avoid any unapproved variations or distortions. 

  • Do not modify, stretch, deform, warp or rotate.
  • Do not recolor or outline.
  • Do not use drop shadows or other image effects.
  • Do not break or rearrange wordmark elements.
  • Do not violate minimum clear space.
  • Do not replace the delta with any other symbols, or use the delta as a symbol in any other words.
  • Do not overlay the CALS logo onto exclusively secondary CALS colors 


Use these minimum widths to ensure legibility at small sizes in print or digital applications.

  • The minimum size requirement for the primary Cornell CALS wordmark is 1.5 inches wide for print (200 pixels wide for screens), with a proportional height. 
  • the minimum size requirements for the vertical Cornell CALS wordmark is 0.75 inches wide for print (100 pixels wide for screens), with a proportional height.