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Getting started

We’ve developed this site to serve as a hub of information and resources to help you — the members of our extended Cornell CALS community — express the breadth and depth of the college in the many things you create and the stories you tell. Through the countless ways we each support our college, it’s critical that we share a clear understanding of what CALS is and use consistent language and imagery to describe, support and celebrate it.

Three pointers for success

Try updating that very simple stack of contact details at the end of your emails. Plug in your information to the template below and voila!—you’re done. It’s one easy step to let everyone you email know that you’re part of Cornell CALS.

First Last Name
Preferred pronouns (optional)
Office, Department or Unit
Building or Room #

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Cornell University

Office 555-555-5555  |  Cell 555-555-5555
Email address  |
Official social media (optional)
Life. Changing. (optional)

Other things you can do right away?

  • Consider using the new tagline — Life. Changing. — as you communicate.
  • Order business cards with the new design as you need them.
  • Download the new PowerPoint templates to use during your next presentation.
  • Use the new college logo or your academic unit/administrative office logo as appropriate.
  • Use some of the new language contained on this site to describe our college and what happens here, as you begin to design handouts or other materials meant for public consumption.

At any time, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for guidance before you go to print.

We also want to encourage everyone in the Cornell CALS community to consider ways we can inspire each other. Are there new traditions or events you would like to help organize for CALS students, faculty and/or staff but lack funding? Let us know.

Whether you’re a faculty member, student or employee, there are moments where you represent and express the essence of the college. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • A presentation you give to represent your research or outreach project
  • A lecture or presentation you’re inspired to attend
  • Support you provide to our labs and facilities
  • The language you use to engage with a student, parent, donor, new hire or friend of the college
  • The signage and materials you use to promote your events on and off campus

This site will help you understand the language and visuals we now have to express and celebrate our collective impact. It will also serve as a portal for you to receive helpful downloadable resources, like logos, templates and other design elements you may need.

We encourage you to dig in, explore and create with the tools on this site. If you get lost, we’re here for you. Be sure to contact us with any questions your have as you go, or any success stories you want to share about using these tools out in the field! Get started by exploring the links below.