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The Tagline

Life. Changing. It’s a simple and memorable phrase that embodies our abiding interest in the changing natural and social worlds around us as well as the impact we hope to have on all those who become a part of CALS.

The tagline does not always need to be used in conjunction with the wordmark, but should appear in association with it fairly often. Utilize it especially for campaigns, advertisements and communications with prospective students and parents.


The CALS Delta

This symbol is integral to the CALS identity and can help reinforce messaging, augment imagery or create a focal point to support the hierarchy of information and directional flow. In communications materials, a version of the symbol can be used to help augment imagery and content in publications and digital graphics.

The Delta graphic is based on the Delta symbol in the CALS logotype and is a solid triangle with 60° sides, and a 0° base, with the center counter removed. The Delta can float on the edges of the document, sliding along the sides, top or bottom of a layout, and can appear cropped, using its angle to frame content as seen in several of these application examples.


Keep infographics simple and uncluttered. Let typographic hierarchy and clearly defined fields of color breathe on the same composition.