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University seal

For official communications and assets, display the university seal in a primary location near the CALS wordmark. Use the bold seal for print, and the simple seal for digital.

One option is to lock up the seal and CALS wordmark according to university brand guidelines. This is the only exception to the clear space rule—obey the university’s spacing guidelines when locking up with the seal.

Locking up is not mandatory, but the seal should appear with primacy and proximity to the CALS wordmark.

Visit Cornell University Brand Center for guidelines and resources relating to use of the seal and all related branding policies that apply to the university and its colleges, schools and units within.

Example of CALS and Cornell University logo
CALS and Cornell University logos with flexible spacing
CALS and Cornell University Logos



Department and unit lockups

Cornell CALS academic departments and administrative units overseen by the senior leadership team of the college now have individual logo lock-ups. The primary structure for these within the brand architecture includes the vertical Cornell CALS wordmark on the left, the college name spelled out and the department, office or unit below a horizontal hairline.

To preserve space where possible, the college name stretches or wraps depending on the length of the subsequent lines. To distinguish sections within schools within CALS (example: the Horticulture Section within the School of Integrative Plant Science) apply a bold style to the school only.

Artwork for CALS schools, departments, offices and units will be provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications in mid-July 2017. Please contact cals-comm [at] (cals-comm[at]cornell[dot]edu) with any questions you may have.

CALS Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Logo
CALS School of Integrative Plant Science
CALS Office of Admission logo



Space sharing

When sharing space with another college or brand, observe mutual clear space when positioning other logos near the CALS wordmark.

Try to find a visual commonality, like a baseline, to align the two images. If it’s appropriate to use the university seal, simply add a hairline to avoid duplicating the seal.

CALS logo alongside the College of Arts & Sciences logo
CALS Logo alongisde the Ornithology lab logo