The Cornell Farmworker Program seeks recognition for farmworkers’ contributions to society and their acceptance and full participation in local communities.

We envision a state and nation in which farmworkers receive equal protection under law, earn a living wage, live in comfortable housing, are safe and healthy, receive due respect as workers and as individuals, and participate fully in their communities.

Our research, education, and outreach efforts are informed by ongoing needs assessments with farmworkers. Through interviews, focus group discussions, and surveys, farmworkers identify priority areas for collaboration. Together we develop materials and programs that address long-term as well as time-sensitive challenges. In addition to our active group of volunteers, we have a broad network of collaborators with expertise in immigration, labor, health,  education, emergency assistance among other relevant topics. The Cornell Farmworker Program publishes scholarly articles, research and policy briefs, conducts educational programs specifically designed for farmworkers, and actively contributes to print media and radio on farmworker-related topics. Our efforts in response to farmworker needs including current responses (webinars, Spanish language calls, materials support) that are related to concerns about COVID-19 among farmworkers. 

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Learn more about the resources, information and services we offer to farmworkers throughout New York State. Aprende más sobre los recursos, información y servicios que ofrecemos a trabajadores agricolas en Nueva York.

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Explore resources and expertise we have available for stakeholders who support the farmworker community.

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Explore opportunities to get involved and support farmworkers through outreach activities, volunteer engagements and internships.

What We Do

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Access to pro-bono and low bono immigration and family law attorney and support services include: know your rights workshops, immigration screenings, parental designation forms, standby guardianship, power of attorney, parent permission to travel and health care proxy.

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Learn, understand and advocate for healthy, safe workplaces and living arrangements for farmworkers and their families

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Offer personalized English as a second language classes and tutoring sessions


Cultivating Change: Farmworker Organizing in New York

The Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Acts signed into law in 2019 was a victory for New York farmworkers. After years of organizing, worker-led organizations and community members celebrated the expansion of labor rights to farmworkers, historically excluded from these protections in the state. Passing the bill was just the beginning, and the pandemic stifled the work of implementing these hard-won and necessary protections. Please join organizers from the Workers' Center of Central New York and Alianza Agricola to discuss their experiences regarding the expansion of NYS labor protections and the road ahead.


Leading applied research on farmworker-related issues

The Cornell Farmworker Program's research is informed by direct collaboration with farmworkers and other stakeholders. This research guides the principles of our outreach and extension activities in order to serve the needs of the farmworker community in New York and beyond. Our portfolio of reports and scholarly publications offers insight into the most relevant issues that impact the lives of farmworkers and their families. 


Offering Critical Support During the COVID-19 Crisis

Learn how the Cornell Farmworker Program responded to farmworker family requests for support during the pandemic

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Highlights, news and events from the Cornell Farmworker Program

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Local COVID-19 task force fills food gaps for families, farmworkers
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Department of Global Development
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COVID-19 impact: Mary Jo Dudley on vulnerable farmworkers

Mary Jo Dudley, MRP ’96, an expert in farmworker issues, talks about how the pandemic has underlined the importance of farmworkers, who are crucial to maintaining the country’s food supply. Farmworkers are essential workers, and are particularly...

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Cornell Farmworker Program mobilizes protections for NY farmworkers

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Farmworker initiatives earn community engagement honor

Given by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), the award recognizes extraordinary community outreach initiatives by its member universities. Cornell was recognized for its interdisciplinary farmworker research and...

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Mobile consulate services aid NY farmworkers

The Cornell Farmworker Program helped more than 400 Guatemalans from across the state receive services from the Guatemalan mobile consulate.