Lifelong Learning for Employees

In CLASP (the Community Learning and Service Partnership), Cornell employees and students work together in learning partnerships. If you work at Cornell and feel that some one-on-one, confidential help will enable you to reach your personal learning goals, CLASP may be right for you.

When you apply, you will have a confidential interview with the CLASP staff. Based on the interview, you will be matched with a student who is trained to assist adults to reach their learning goals or a CLASP staff member.

The two of you will decide on a time and place for your meetings. You may continue in the program for multiple semesters until you feel that you have met your goals.

The managers of Campus Life, Building Care, Grounds, Mail and Transportation, and the Statler Hotel support the program. Many employees, with their supervisor’s approval, have been able to use paid work time to meet with their student partners. While your supervisor will know that you are taking part in the program, all other information, such as your goals and progress, will remain confidential. You can choose whether or not to tell coworkers that you are in the program.

Participation in CLASP is viewed as a sign of an employee’s motivation to better him/herself and is therefore viewed positively by supervisors. If you use work time, supervisors will need to approve the meeting times you have chosen.