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Department HR & Payroll Representatives

Department HR & Payroll Representatives
HR Department Code/NameHR RepresentativePayroll RepresentativeAffiliated Academic SrAD
AG-AAD: Alumni Affairs and DevelopmentMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-ACADPRG: Office of Academic ProgramsMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-ADM: CALS AdministrationMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-CIDA: Cornell Initiatives for Digital AgricultureMichele CowenKelly DonnellyN/A
AG-COMM: CALS CommunicationMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-DEAN: CALS Dean’s OfficeMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-ENTREP: AG-Entrepreneur OfficeMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-EXTADM: Extension AdministrationJanet CamilliJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-EXTAS: Extension Area SpecialistsJanet CamilliJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-EXTSGLD: NY Sea GrantJanet CamilliJ'Frances White

Esther Angert

AG-E&S:  Environment and Sustainability ProgramMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteEsther Angert

AG-FACILT: Facilities

Michele CowenJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-FINANC: AG-Finance OfficeMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-GRANTCONTRACTS: Grants and ContractsMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-IT: AG-Information TechnologyMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-ORNITH: OrnithologyDenise Smith ColonKaren IngallBeth Ahner
AG-PMEP: Pesticide Management Education ProgramJanet CamilliJ'Frances WhiteNA
AG-RSRCH (Cornell AES): CU Agricultural Experiment Station

Denise Smith Colon and

Michele Cowen

J'Frances WhiteNA
AG-SAD: Senior Associate Deans OfficeMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteNA
AIISP: American Indian and Indigenous Studies ProgramTam ShollenbergerKelly DonnellyEsther Angert
ANSC: Animal ScienceJanet Camilli and J'Frances WhiteJ'Frances WhiteBeth Ahner
BEE: Biological and Environmental EngineeringKate NicholsonJ'Frances WhiteEsther Angert
BIOES-AG/AS (a.k.a. EEB): Evolutionary and Ecological BiologyJoan OlsonJ'Frances WhiteBeth Ahner
BIOMI-AG: MicrobiologyJ'Frances White and Janet CamilliKelly DonnellyEsther Angert
BIOMBG: Molecular Biology and GeneticsJoan OlsonKelly DonnellyBeth Ahner
BIONB: Neurobiology and BehaviorJoan Olsonasm324 [at] (Adrienne Mason)Beth Ahner
BIOOUBS-AS: Undergraduate BiologyMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteBeth Ahner
BIOSM: Shoals Marine LaboratoryTam ShollenbergerJ'Frances WhiteEsther Angert
BOTANIC GARDENS: Cornell Botanic GardensMichele CowenKelly DonnellyEsther Angert
BSCB: Computational BiologyJanet CamilliJ'Frances WhiteBeth Ahner
COMM: CommunicationTam ShollenbergerKelly DonnellyEsther Angert
EAS: Earth and Atmospheric SciencesJanet CamilliKelly DonnellyEsther Angert
ENTOM-AG: EntomologyJessica TownleyKelly DonnellyEsther Angert
FARMSVC: Farm Services

Denise Smith Colon and

Michele Cowen

J'Frances WhiteNA
FOOD-AG: Food ScienceMichele CowenJ'Frances WhiteEsther Angert
GD-CALS: Global DevelopmentTam ShollenbergerKelly DonnellyBeth Ahner
GNVA: All Geneva Departments//UnitsJessica TownleyJ'Frances WhiteBeth Ahner
Esther Angert
LANAR: Landscape ArchitectureTam ShollenbergerKelly DonnellyEsther Angert
NEIPMCT: Northeast Integrated Pest Management CenterJanet CamilliJ'Frances WhiteEsther Angert
NTRES: Natural Resources and the EnvironmentDenise Smith Colon Kelly DonnellyEsther Angert
SIPS-AG: SIPS AdministrationKate NicholsonKelly DonnellyBeth Ahner
SIPS-AG-HORT: HorticultureKate NicholsonKelly DonnellyBeth Ahner
SIPS-BIOPL: Plant BiologyKate NicholsonKelly DonnellyBeth Ahner
SIPS-PLBR: Plant Breeding and GeneticsJoan OlsonKelly DonnellyBeth Ahner
SIPS-PLPA-AG: Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe BiologyKate NicholsonKelly DonnellyBeth Ahner
SIPS-SCS: Soil and Crop SciencesJoan OlsonKelly DonnellyBeth Ahner

Additional CALS HR Contacts

Name, TitlePhone Number
Sharon Clark, Director(607) 255-5644
Laurie DeNardo, Associate Director(607) 255-7659
Tam Shollenberger, Academic Appointments(607) 255-0253

Janet Camilli, HR/Payroll Business Partner

(607) 255-7568

University HR Contacts

Name, TitlePhone Number
Benefits(607) 255-3936
Work/Life in Human Resources(607) 255-0388, worklife [at]
Faculty Staff and Assistance Program (FSAP)(607) 255-2673 (5-COPE)
Inclusion and Workforce Diversity(607) 255-3976
Medical Leaves Office(607) 216-1400
Wellness Programs(607) 255-3886
Ethics Point (anonymous reporting of ethical concerns: financial, health & safety)(866) 293-3077