Approved Laboratory, Earth Science, Design & Major Approved Electives

Course Descriptions can be found in the Cornell courses of study or clicking on the course.

Laboratory Courses

Earth Science Courses

Note: More advanced Earth Science courses generally accepted by petition.

Design and Major Approved Electives

A total of 6 courses across capstone design, design and major-approved electives must be selected from among the courses in the list below. At least three of these six courses must be capstone design or design electives. At least one of the three design electives must be a capstone design elective.  Design courses are designated with an asterisk (*), and capstone design courses are italicized and designated with a double asterisk (**). Capstone design, design, and major approved electives have been designated under one of four focus areas below. Students can select electives from any combination of focus areas.

Sustainable Energy

Environmental Processes

Hydrology and Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Sustainable Systems and Environmental Analytics


Note: EnvE Major Approved Electives are 3 or 4 credit environmental engineering-related technical courses that support the professional objectives of the student and which have either (1) a technical prerequisite that is a required engineering course in the EnvE curriculum, or (2) an advanced rank limited to juniors or above.

1 CEE 4370 can be used to fulfill both lab and major approved elective requirement, while CEE 6370 can be used to fulfill both the lab and design requirement, in either case, students must then take an additional major approved elective from the major approved elective list to maintain the total number of required units in the program.

2 No more than one ENMGT course can be used to fulfill the Major Approved Elective requirement.