Environmental Engineering Major Handbook

Course and curriculum updates

Fall 2023

Change to the core requirements: 

  1. CEE 4510 is no longer required as part of the core – it is now a major approved elective. 
  2. The major approved elective requirement is now 9 credits instead of 6 credits.  Students will need to complete at least: 1 capstone design course, 2 design courses and 3 major approved electives.

---This change goes into effect for students matriculating in Fall 2023 and forward.  Current students can either continue with the current curriculum or change to the new curriculum.


Capstone design courses offered in AY 23-24:


BEE 4730/5730 Watershed Engineering (4 cr., Fall)

CEE 4640/6648 Sustainable Transportation System Design (3 cr., Fall)



BEE 4510 Sustainable Water Resources System Design (3 cr., Spring) – (was BEE 4940 in Spring 2022)

CEE 4565/6565 Waster Water Processes and Resource Recovery (3 cr., Spring)



Lab courses offered in AY 23-24


BEE 4270/5270 Water Measurement and Analysis Methods (3 cr., Fall)


CEE 4370/6370 Experimental Methods in Fluid Dynamics (3/4 cr., Spring)

CEE 4530 Lab Research in Envir. Eng. (3 cr., Spring)


Other changes:

  1. ENGRI 1165 is moving to fall semester (from Spring).