Important Websites and Links

University-wide Important URL

Student Essentials

The one stop shop for nearly all portals that are connected to your Cornell netID single sign-on (SSO).
Categorized links into “personal”, “academic”, “financial” and “community.”

Class Roster

Login with SSO, it is the catalog of all university classes.

Shows location, time, instructor, (sometimes) syllabus, number of credits, letter or S/U grade option.
“Scheduler” creates your class schedule. (Not enroll!) Visualization of how different sections (i.e. maybe CHEM2070 have 2 lecture options and 8 lab options, pick and see for a personalized schedule). 

Seat availability (green/ orange/ red light or circle) may not be accurate at times. Check Student Center.

Student Center

Sign in with SSO. Officially enroll in classes, check important to-do list, view financial aid decision.

Cornell Dining Now

Real-time opening hours and location of all Cornell eateries including dining halls. Perfect for Android users as the Eatery app does not support the android OS.

Cornell NetPrint

Access your Cornell printing portal (printing record, recharge money into account, printing location) with your SSO. Printing is not free in fall/ spring semester. Even if you have a personal printer, you may want to bookmark this for the future.


You, your bursar bill and CornellCard bill payer accesses through this portal via SSO or by creating another account. (University regulation prohibits account sharing, even your parents.) Bookmark the link above but not the portal itself. DO NOT bookmark the portal itself. It does not allow URL link access for security reasons.

Cornell Health

SSO your health portal allows you to make appointment at Cornell Health ($10 co-pay) check health record and compliance and insurance information given to Cornell.

Fitness Center Opening Hours

Updated regularly to show the most recent semester opening hours of all Cornell fitness centers, even for special holidays and occasions.

Swimming Pool Hours

Also updated regularly to show all poll opening hours. Remember to bring your own lock!

CALS-wide Important URL

CALS Student Services Appointment

Schedule appointment to meet with CALS Student Services team member for academic advising, registrar (credits/ transfer/ legal schedule), study abroad.


Chatter is a CALS-only student-staff interaction platform. You may post a general inquiry question and a CALS staffer will answer your question.
PSP18 has a specific group that you are already in. Non-negotiable CALS events are already listed in the “information” section in the group.

To edit notification settings, click on “email weekly digest” to edit frequency. Recommend “weekly digest” to keep in touch with scholarship/ research opportunities for CALS and your department.


D.U.S.T. stands for “Distributed Undergraduate Student Tracking” and it’s only for students in CALS and Dyson. It displays all of your COMPLETED transfer and Cornell credits, swim test fulfillment, major advisor, structured vs non-structured credits.

DUST show credits that you have COMPLETED. In other words, it does NOT show credits (classes) that’s currently in progress.

DUST may be incorrect at times. If you are sure that you should have gotten a credit, but it’s not showing on DUST, you need to contact CALS Registrar.