Internship Learning Contract

The Internship Learning Contract should be completed by the student PRIOR to the beginning of the internship. Students are allowed to receive internship credit for paid or unpaid internships. 

Requirements to earn credit for an internship:

  • Internship must be a communication-related field.
  • Internships can be paid or non-paid to receive credit.
  • All internships for credit must be approved by filling out the Learning Contract BEFORE you can start the internship. 
  • The internship is offered for 1-credit and will count toward your overall graduation credits. Students can repeat the credit once but only for a different internship. (This course does not count towards the Communication minor or major)
  • Students will be automatically enrolled in the internship course for the appropriate semester prior to the add/drop period.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 60 hours of on-the-job work; the number of work hours beyond 60 is left to the discretion of the intern and their supervisor.
  • An academic component of an e-portfolio or Pecha Kucha is required. This will ensure that students can link the communication theory they learn in the classroom to the practical work experience that is gained through the internship. 
  • The Supervisor Evaluation is due at the completion of the internship. 
  • Internships are graded on an S/U basis only.
  • Communication internships are only open to Communication Majors and declared Communication Minors.
  • Internships will not be added after the normal CALS add deadline.