PhD Financial Support

All admitted students, including international students, are offered a competitive financial support package that includes tuition, health insurance, and a stipend for five years, including summers.

Continuing support by the program is conditional on satisfactory progress toward completing the degree. The Field typically supports students in the following three ways:


Some students receive research fellowships, funded by Cornell University or external sources, that permit the student to engage in research activities entirely of their choosing, with the support of their Special Committee.

Research Assistantships

Many students are assigned to work with specific faculty members as research assistants on an externally sponsored project. The specific responsibilities of these positions vary, but these often provide an excellent opportunity to work closely with faculty on cutting-edge research and gather data that can be used in published research.

Teaching Assistantships

Many students are assigned to work with faculty on a teaching assistantship. Specific responsibilities vary but often include leading class discussions, assisting with grading and curriculum development, and providing assistance to students. These positions are a great opportunity for building one's teaching portfolio and for getting experience working with students.

Additional Funding

For more information about conference travel grants, research grants, and one-time summer support, please see the Information for Current Students section.