Weed profiles

These profiles are expanded and updated versions of weed species profiles that appear in the 416-page book, Manage Weeds on Your Farm: A Guide to Ecological Strategies, published by the USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program.

Lead author, Charles “Chuck” Mohler, Ph.D. ’79, was a senior research associate in SIPS’ Soil and Crop Sciences Section, who died unexpectedly April 1, 2021. He worked closely with co-author Antonio DiTommaso, the section’s chair and head of Cornell’s Weed Ecology and Management Lab.

Retired USDA-ARS weed scientist John Teasdale helped complete the volume and provides the updates, which include full citations for each weed not found in the SARE version online, plus key identification characteristics, ecology, management and references.

Much of the information in the profiles is summarized in tables beginning on page 130 of the .pdf version of the publication, which won a 2022 Silver Award for Technical Publications from the Association for Communication Excellence, the professional association for Extension communicators.

Manage Weeds on Your Farm Video Series

In this series, a companion to Manage Weeds on Your Farmexperienced farmers from around the country talk about how they have found success controlling weeds by following ecological principles, and without resorting to the use of herbicides. To do so, they rely on a range of cultural and mechanical practices, including diverse crop rotations, well-timed cultivation and targeting weeds when they're at vulnerable growth stages. See especially: The Martens Farm, Penn Yan, N.Y. (grains and legumes) | View videos.