Weed identification

Hot off the press: Weeds of the Northeast, 2nd Edition now available from Cornell Press.

See also: Unlikely coincidence blooms as classic weed guide gets updated [Cornell Chronicle May 25, 2023]

turf and landsape weed homepage

Select among different diagnostic traits to identify common weeds impacting managed landscapes. Includes control strategies for each weed that comply with the NYS Child Safe Playing Fields Act.

nys weed id homepage

ID resources based on crops grown by N.Y. farmers: Field crops, vegetables, fruit trees and berry crops. Also, weed ID tools including grass identification, mustards, spring rosettes, harmful weeds.

weeds of the northeast cover

2nd edition now available from Cornell University Press, a lavishly illustrated manual for ready identification of 500 common and economically important weeds in the Northeast, Upper Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states based on vegetative characteristics.

More ID resources