Weed Science Team


While Cornell's varsity sports teams take a summer respite, the Cornell Weed Team travels yearly to the Northeastern Weed Science Society’s Collegiate Weed Science Contest – an international competition among the finest agricultural students in the region.

While the students face endless marijuana wisecracks about weed from nonscientists, the tournament is no joke. In the contest, graduate and undergraduate students identify weeds at various growth stages and identify herbicide applications for different crops based on visual symptoms. They calibrate sprayers and application speeds, and solve farming problems – while in the field and thinking on their feet – all without consulting a textbook.

Antonio DiTommaso, professor and chair in soil and crop sciences at the School of Integrative Plant Science (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences), and Lynn Sosnoskie, assistant professor in weed ecology at Cornell AgriTech (CALS) in Geneva, New York, serve as team advisers. Contact them if you are interested in joining.

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