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  • Weed profiles - Continuously updated digital profile from the USDA-SARE book, Manage Weeds on Your Farm: A Guide to Ecological Strategies. The guide identifies the best tactics and timing for how to outsmart 63 particularly pernicious weed species, while reducing labor and ensuring weed competition doesn’t reduce yields. 
  • Organic weed management - Presents a variety of strategies for controlling weeds without herbicides. While written primarily as advice to gardeners, the same principals apply to larger plantings.
  • Weed ecology - Defines ecological terms used to describe various weed species characteristics.

Manage Weeds on Your Farm Video Series

In this series, a companion to Manage Weeds on Your Farmexperienced farmers from around the country talk about how they have found success controlling weeds by following ecological principles, and without resorting to the use of herbicides. To do so, they rely on a range of cultural and mechanical practices, including diverse crop rotations, well-timed cultivation and targeting weeds when they're at vulnerable growth stages. See especially: The Martens Farm, Penn Yan, N.Y. (grains and legumes)

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    Mechanical weed control

    Compiled by Bryan Brown, NYSIPM program weed management specialist:

    More mechanical weed control videos from Cornell Field Crops YouTube channel:

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