The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) strives to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive environment and to build a diverse and supportive community.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts are supported by students, faculty, and staff of MBG.

Prof. Cedric Feschotte is the MBG LDI (Departmental Leader for Diversity and Inclusion), who supports DEI efforts and ensures that DEI are considered in all aspects of MBG’s academic mission. The LDI is appointed by the Chair and represents the department to the CALS (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) Office of Diversity of Inclusion. More details on the roles and responsibilities of the LDI can be found here.

MBG+ Diversity Council

The MBG+ Diversity Council is a student organization and represents a grass root effort led by graduate students from the Graduate Fields of BMCB (Biochemistry, Molecular, and Cell Biology), GGD (Genetics, Genomics, and Development), and Biophysics - the three Fields administered in the Department of MBG. Its mission is to promote, enhance and expand the diversity of the MBG community and, in doing so, create an inclusive environment for all. All students, postdocs, staff and faculty in MBG and associate Fields are welcome to join.

MBG Peer Support Network

The MBG Peer Support Network is served by volunteers who are available for confidential discussion of any concerns and issues related to the working environment. 

GGD Climate Committee

The GGD Climate Committee aims to address the wide range of graduate student experiences that exist, identify issues that students are facing, and provide actionable solutions to ensure an environment where all graduate students are able to do their best work. We have also created tips for incoming students.