MBG Weekly Seminars

Molecular Biology and Genetics hosts a weekly seminar during the academic year, usually on Fridays at 4:00 p.m. in G10 Biotechnology Building. The seminar features a talk from a prominent scientist. Any deviations from our usual time, place, and location will be noted below.

Please email mbg-admin [at] cornell.edutitle="MBG Admin email" at least 1 week in advance if you require accommodations to attend the event.


Our department sends out a weekly email that includes detailed information about that week's speaker, including a flyer. If you would like to join that mailing list please email mbg-admin [at] cornell.edu

MBG Seminars Fall 2023

September 1
Laura Lackner, Northwestern University

September 8
Dan Starr, UC Davis

September 15
Daniel Alfonso Colon-Ramos, Yale University

September 20
Cornell FIRST Symposium
11:00am, Willard Straight Hall Memorial Room

September 22
Ashley Webb, Brown University

September 28
Kara Bernstein, University of Pennsylvania

October 5 and 6
Efraim Racker Lecture
Barbara Meyer, UC Berkeley

October 5, 8:00pm, G10 Biotech
Sex and Death

October 6, 4:00pm, G10 Biotech
X-Chromosome Dosage Compensation: A Single Molecule Perspective

October 13
McClintock Lecture
Susan Wessler, National Academy of Sciences

October 20
Rebecca Voorhees, CalTech

October 27
No Lecture!!!

November 3
Ursula Jakob, University of Michigan

November 10
Robert Eisenman, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

November 17
Mike Guertin, University of Connecticut

December 1
Xiao Wang, MIT and Broad Institute